Friday, November 8, 2013

LEAP (Lead Activate Engage Philanthropy)

LEAP (Lead Activate Engage Philanthropy)

     As a nonprofit hospital, Cleveland Clinic and Cleveland Clinic Children's rely on your active participation to help secure vital funding for research, education, and programs to help patients.
Lead, Engage, Activate Philanthropy (“LEAP”) is a growing network of students and community organizations that want to use their time, talent and resources to support Cleveland Clinic’s mission of providing world-class healthcare and commitment to “patient’s first.”
LEAP was designed for people who are passionate about bringing a smile to the faces of our patients as they face devastating medical challenges. It provides the opportunity to learn about and become involved with Cleveland Clinic, collaborate and network and make a difference in the lives of our patients and their families. LEAP members volunteer their time to help raise money, educate, and inspire others to get involved.
We ask you to get involved in any of the following ways: 

1. Host your own fundraising event with friends,  

2. Turn your favorite event into a fundraising opportunity,  
3. Become a VeloSano (bike) rider or volunteer ( to help raise money for cancer research.

Contact Sue Wittek, 216-445-1455 or, to learn more

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