Friday, February 27, 2015

Trinity United Church of Christ
Volunteer Coordinator
2015 Community Garden Green Space project

  •    Coordinate efforts to create a safe community garden green space that is fully handicap accessible at Trinity UCC’s north area on Main street
  •  Respond by email to meeting requests
  •   Maintain and create a calendar of steps needed to produce the safe green space
  •   Identify volunteers to work on project with specific assignments
  •  Work with the Senior Pastor for items not yet identified
  • Recruit North Hill volunteers representing the diversity of our community
  • Identify a volunteer grant writer
  • Identify an intern to work on the project

Time required
  • Maximum of two (2) hours per week (most work done away from church i.e. Home, etc.)
  • February to July 2015 ( mutually agreeing on specifics of position by end of February)

  • Love of community
  •  Love to engage with a diverse community
  • Visionary
  • Access to volunteers and volunteer opportunities
  •  Able to send electronic correspondences
  • Able to maintain and create a calendar
  • Able to freely communicate on all issues
  • Desire to see North Hill thrive

F     For more information on this great opportunity Please Contact:
           Rev.Dr. Carl P. Wallace
     Senior Pastor Trinity U.C.C.
     "At the Heart of the Community with the Community at its Heart"
     915 N. Main Street
    Akron, Ohio 44310
     330 376 7186

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