Monday, August 3, 2015

Akron Canton Foodbank: Operation Orange

Operation Orange (Sept. 11 & 12) is the Food Bank's third annual volunteer marathon. They are in need of volunteers during the midnight hours of Sept. 12: 12a-2p; 2a-4a; 4a-6a and 6a-8a - 50 per shift, please. There will be music, food (Chipotle and Starbucks) and plenty of projects on hand! Schedule your group by visiting the Foodbank's website and a Volunteer Coordinator will contact you to confirm your group's information. If your group is larger than 25, or if you would prefer to call us during business hours (M-F, 8-4), we can assist you in scheduling your group over the phone. Individual volunteers can simply log in to the Volunteer Information Center to schedule Operation Orange volunteer shifs.

Follow the Food Bank on twitter at: @ACRFoodbank
or friend them on facebook at:


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  2. Evidently, Park Ford wants to suck on the government tit.

    It was recently reported that Ohio will receive a $190,000,000 grant from the Federal government to tear down condemned homes beyond repair and crack houses in poor communities across the state which desperately need a hand up to help them recover from years of red ink, neglect and deindustrialization. This Federal grant will help those poor Ohio communities by reducing the health and safety risks associated with condemned homes, improving the appearance of those communities riddled with blight and making long abandoned properties more appealing to potential buyers. In other words, that money will help to clean up our state.

    In response to this report, Park Ford's commercially sponsored talk radio goon publicly called for that money to be given instead to privately owned companies like Park Ford so they can expand their privately owned business.

    Are you kidding me? That's what profits are for. That's what RIDICULOUS auto service charges are for. The owners of Park Ford are filthy rich already. If they want to expand their business and get even richer, they should do so by spending their OWN MULTI-MILLION DOLLAR PROFITS. NOT BY SUCKING ON THE GOVERNMENT TIT.

    Park Ford's talk radio goon is calling for the worst kind of socialism. The kind which helps the rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Meanwhile, the poor communities of Ohio riddled with blight and crime will get NOTHING. That is EXACTLY what Park Ford's HIRED TALK RADIO GOON is calling for.

    The same talk radio goon has also been calling for the Federal government to give handouts to the oil industry because gas prices and big oil profits are FINALLY down. What a sold-out pig.

    The hell with Park Ford, the hell with ridiculous auto service charges, the hell with big oil greed, the hell with corporate welfare and THE HELL WITH TALK RADIO GOONS.

    By the way, did I mention that the richest 1% of Americans already own 42% of America's total wealth? Yes, really.

    The rich don't need anymore government handouts.